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Quacito LLC  is proud to be selected by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Comprehensive Web Development and Management Services under the DIR’s Cooperative Contracts Program. Quacito holds the Comprehensive Web Development and Management Services contract with DIR as contract number DIR-TSO-4223

Services Offered

  • Business Process Automation: Accelerate your business process by automation. Use customized tools like document process automation or invoice generation.
  • Website Development: Our Web Designs and Development solutions help businesses portray their brand identity and get an competitive edge in the market.
  • Mobile App Development: Get the right mobile application for your business and accelerate your business mobility with our Mobile App Development solutions

How to Place an Order?

To place an order, you can Request for Quote online @ Contact us
Please generate a Purchase Order and make it payable to Quacito LLC.
Note: You must reference Contract #DIR-TSO-4223 on your purchase order. Email PO to the selected vendor contact below.

Warranty Policy: Quacito will provide maintenance (it includes any issues or bugs identified, it doesn't include any enhancements or changes to the Website/Mobile application/Any service free of charge for the first 3 months following the Final Acceptance. The Date of Final Acceptance shall be documented by both parties.

Return Policy: There are no returns to the service provided. There will be no refunds for any work already performed.

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