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What is COVID-19 doing to your business and how can we save you?

We all know what this world crisis called COVID-19 is doing to people, and how people are even dying due to its tormenting effects. However, did you know that it might be doing the same to businesses? Did you ponder upon the fact that it may lead to the death of your own business? There are some questions that arise out of this; What is COVID-19 doing to your business? How is the virus affecting SEO metrics? And more importantly, can you save and grow your business with our custom software development services and mobile app development services

Firstly, you need to understand that COVID-19 will and is affecting each industry differently. So, how it impacts you and your business, depends on what business you have.

It is logical to think that when people do things like form lines outside grocery stores, all the E-commerce websites selling those essentials are going to experience huge surges in traffic.

If you think about the SEO part of all of this, all of us will need to respond according to the things going around.

This blog has been drafted based on the data shared by many SEO experts, Therefore, here you will find a clear depiction of how COVID-19 is impacting your business and how you can actually grow your business with our custom software development services andmobile app development services in such times as well. 

So, the following are some ways COVID-19 seems to be affecting the SEO metrics. And, don’t worry, we will also be telling you how you should be responding to it. Ready? Let’s dive in:

  1. The surge up of E-commerce websites that are selling essentials

SEO experts from all over are marking huge spikes in impressions as well as traffic when it comes to e-commerce websites. This is especially the case with those e-commerce websites that are selling the essentials.

It is safe to say that this is coming from the people who are looking for products that are related to the pandemic. This includes looking for hand sanitizer, toilet paper, thermometers, Clorox wipes, and etc. When there is such a huge surge in demand of such products, along with product shortages, it has been noticed that it is leading to new queries like “thermometers near me” or “toilet paper near me” etc.  

And now, if we notice what is happening to the non-essentials like makeup etc, they are experiencing huge drops in traffic. This also applies to products that are tied to travel. For example, luggage, etc.

Your appropriate response:

This high demand has shifted majorly to products that people need, keeping the pandemic in mind. So, if you have an E-commerce business and a website/application for the same, then you should consider making a segment of high-demand product pages. Make sure to crawl such pages for errors, monitor log files, and provide easy site navigation. For quickly implementing it all, you can consider Quacito’s mobile app development services.

  1. The surge up of health & wellness websites

Due to COVID-19, almost all the health and wellness websites are experiencing an overall surge in traffic as well as impressions.

This is happening due to queries such as “coronavirus symptoms.” Queries for natural remedies like “antibacterial oils,” “antiviral herbs,” as well as “antiviral foods” have also gone up. 

Your appropriate response:

People are striving for experts who they can trust with content that answers their medical questions. Don’t take this responsibility lightly. This might also be a good time to step up and try reaching out to the people in need. For this, you can use Quacito’s custom software development services. Together, we can build something that genuinely helps the people fight this pandemic.  

  1. Slight uptick in recipe websites 

There can be seen an increase in impressions as well as clicks when it comes to recipe websites. Although it is not as drastic as health sites or essentials retailers, still.

It is safe to assume that this is because more people are cooking at home in isolation. It is something that may continue to increase depending on restaurants being closed for longer. 

Your appropriate response:

Using data that is recipe structured in order to enhance the way the recipes are showing up in search results, will help in capturing the increased demand for recipes.

It’s a good time to publish or promote recipes that need fewer ingredients.

  1. Publisher websites are in high demand

There have been seen huge surges in impressions as well as traffic when it comes to publisher websites. People all over are looking for updates. Be it in the form of “coronavirus maps” or “coronavirus impacts on the stock market” etc. 

We’ve all been eyeing the news every day. 

Your appropriate response:

There are a few ways in which publisher SEOs can offer support for their support here. 

Things they can do are:

Watch log files for ensuring that the AMP pages aren’t serving errors, monitor pages through publish date making sure that search engine bots are crawling new pages asap. Use search data for informing where the public interest is at any point in time, etc. 

Apart from this, travel websites are all over the place, and of course, it’s a really bad time for restaurant businesses. However, if you have a business, that is high in demand you can make sure you beat those competitors at a time like this. In order to do that, it’s m=important to make sure that you go the extra mile. This can be effortless, as we can help you grow your business with our custom software development services and mobile app development services.

And even if your business is not in a high demand situation right now, you can use Quacito’s mobile app development services to reach out to people and help them in some way, using your expertise. 

Don’t let the COVID-19 outbreak lead to the death of your business. Take the necessary action today! Know about predications of software development languages here! Write to us for more details at nitesh.jain@quacito.com or call at +1-210-695-0795

Impact of COVID 19 On Businesses
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Impact of COVID 19 On Businesses
Don’t let the COVID-19 outbreak lead to the death of your business. Take the necessary action today!
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