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Customization Creates Brand Identity

Can you imagine a world where every company were the exact same? Every company consisting of a standard structure and format? With the same functions and operations implemented across every business? Take Pepsi & Coke for example. Almost the exact same product… but don’t say that in front of the wrong person! Android and Apple. Ford and Chevy. While businesses can seem to have nearly everything in common – even virtually identical products (think sports equipment, too), achieving a unique brand identity is essential for your business. You’re not too small, too large, or too boring. Brand identity always matters. So how can a website template, or standard software solution be the ideal option to represent your brand? In today’s world of low-cost custom solutions, standardized software is trending out.

Customized software is available to all business types and sizes in 2015. Developing a software solution, tailored to meet the requirements of your specific organization needs to be on your business development agenda. It’s time to think about enhance the business processes that have agonized you for years and that bring your delivery to a crawl. What obstacles within your organization have been ignored and forgotten about they hurt so badly? Do you remember telling your executives, “we’re just going to have to live with that until we can revisit it”? Well, it’s time to revisit it with an out side partner that thinks out of the box. Listening is the key principle followed by Quacito while developing software for clients. Understanding the dirty secrets – the aspects that truly slow a business down the most – leads Quacito to unearth the core problems and provide unparalleled software solutions that give businesses a defining edge over their competitors.

How do we know what’s right for you?

Over the past decade, we’ve fine tuned our delivery of custom solutions – in other words – this is not our first rodeo. In more recent years, the demand for customized software applications has risen exponentially. Whereas before, only corporate giants and government entities inquired about custom software applications, in today’s world, start-ups and even “mom & pop” shops have invested in processes that set them apart and help them compete on a global scale. Complacency in business process improvements will spread faster and faster, affecting more and more large and small businesses alike. Stories such as Netflix tackling Blockbuster, Amazon taking on Barnes & Noble, and Uber overcoming the major Taxi companies will be a dime a dozen in a few years time. With growing mobile integration between businesses and consumers, mobile-friendly applications are reaching their peak and are nearly as important as traditional websites. In fact, in some industries, we have surpassed the peak as entertainment has turned to a mobile-first world. Quacito has extensive experience analyzing the changing market trends that allow us to focus on developing mobile applications (along with web applications) that your consumers are most in touch with. Just because a consumer wants to meet Lebron James on a web conference, doesn’t mean they want to visit their doctor through web conference… yet. While it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s important to be right inline with your customers highest expectations. Google Glass is one of many examples of products that went too far. The goal of any smart and interactive solution should be to streamline business processes that bring consistency and an exceptional experience to the end-user.

Consider the following 5:

When making your choice between commercial off-the-shelf software and customized software, don’t just go with what’s easiest to launch or you’ll end up with a cookie-cutter solution every time. Be aware of the benefits of customized software solutions as well as the risks:

  1. Tailored to your needs & objectives – Every business has a set of objectives and goals. Your software solutions need to be constructed considering these objectives or you simply won’t have the tools in place to achieve your projected results.
    • If you must use a pre-developed software, you will need to restructure your objectives aligning expected results with the limitations of the tools available. Doing so may even help you realize exactly what you are looking for in a custom project.
  2. Efficiency – Pre-built solutions may be executed today, but they’ll typically limit yield. This may work for clothes and cars, but running a business is intricate and needs to be carefully orchestrated around your strengths and weaknesses.
    • A customized software solution may take a few weeks or months of careful planning, but with the right coaches, delivery can be achieved ahead of expectations and you’ll have a solution that not only fits your business requirements, but one that can change and evolve with your organization.
  3. Do not attempt this at home!” Attempting custom process management internally leads to great conflict & loss; driven by the inability to truly think outside the box and a fear of being fired.
    • Work with a 3rd party so that you can get honest feedback and outsider perspective.
  4. Limited Features – Though it may sound surprising, customized software with limited features is better than standardized software with superfluous features.
    • Unnecessary features distract and overwhelm employees. Employees that are confused or frustrated burn out. Training routines are disrupted and unorganized. You’ll often find that using pre-built software results in wasting time and resources, often including the implementation of unplanned “work-arounds”.
  5. Cost Effective – A common misconception is that customized software costs higher than commercial off-the-shelf software. While the initial dollar amount invested is typically a little higher, a failed roll out or achieving underwhelming results leads to far greater loss and typically cause turmoil within an organization.
    • Turn to a custom software developer for a free evaluation. Exploring the potential ROI that could be achieved by developing an internal process your way could lead to long term profits and improvements that are unmatched in your industry. How can you know this? Well, your biggest competitor didn’t get where they are by doing what everyone else is doing.

Whether you are an established business or a startup, web and mobile applications are quickly becoming vital to even sustaining your current level of business in this increasingly digital era. Though pre-developed software may look like an attractively quick and cheap option, you need to understand whether the software is the ‘best’ fit for your business – and usually the devil’s in the details several weeks or months down the road. Don’t get trapped before doing your do diligence with a professional.

Quacito has gained expertise in developing custom software solutions for businesses across different industries. They work with clients to develop unique solutions that help in improving business efficiency.

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