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Responsive Web Design = Mobile Friendly.
Did you know that in order for an established business to maintain leads they need to target the mobile market? This means that new businesses have an even greater need to think mobile-first.
The smartphone market is no longer just “ever-growing”. It’s the standard! It’s safer to assume that your customers are more mobile-dependent than you are, but an unnecessary gamble to assume they’re not. It’s also safe to assume that your customers don’t want a watered down version of your service presented to them. That would be like receiving fine dining on a paper plate. To each his own – but once again, safer to assume they want the real deal, especially since you can give it to them without any additional cost.
Responsive web design provides cross-platform compatibility, which is a fancy term for “your website can appear the same on ALL devices“. Having flexible and fluid layouts that change the website’s appearance to match the screen size, responsive sites can be seamlessly accessed on mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops while maintaining the same branded message and feel as desktops.

Some advantages of having a responsive website:

  • Accessible on all devices, regardless of their screen size
  • Saves cost as one doesn’t need to be maintained on a separate mobile website
  • Gives customers’ the same, outstanding-website-viewing experience as on the computer
  • Helps in reaching out to the increasing mobile market and boosting business sales
  • Search engine empowered because the content remains consistent and more accessible than ever before

Quacito LLC. is the leading Web Design Company in San Antonio, Texas. We are a highly creative team that builds the latest technology trends to help our clients communicate effectively with their target market and gain a competitive edge. You can tell us your idea and we can paint it for you. We treat every client as a unique project and make designs and processes that are suitable to their individual needs.
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