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As a company that provides web development services, we understand the importance of the integration of the right DevOps tools. In this blog, we will list those tools that can help you receive such benefits in the year 2022. 

When we take a look at the life cycle of DevOps, we understand that it depends on collaboration, communication as well as speed. The integration, as well as usage of the right tools, can improve the DevOps workflow. 

The tools of DevOps help the developers in maintaining efficient as well as seamless solutions. The tools of DevOps can provide a platform for smooth communication amongst the team members. The demo of tools also helps in automating repetitive tasks that can lead to speeding up the work process. 

Not only this, but it also helps the web developers in maintaining consistency when it comes to routine checks. This enforces standards before committing any new codes. Last but not least, it also provides a sustainable as well as a secure new approach for the developers. 

When you integrate the right DevOps tools they can help you to get all the listed benefits. Let’s have a look at those DevOps tools that can actually make this happen.

Best DevOps Tools

Following is a list of efficient workflow management DevOps tools:

Azure DevOps:  this one is Microsoft’s product. The Azure services like Azure Boards, Azure Artifacts, Azure Pipelines, Azure TestPlans, as well as  Azure Repos can majorly help the users in accessing it from a browser or an IDE client. Not only this but it provides results that are efficient for both cloud as well as on-premises deployment services. Moreover, it allows error-free integration too. It comes with various ITSM along with CRM systems, which include Salesforce or Zendesk Sell.

Github: This one is widely famous among web developers on a global level. The reason for this is that it helps the developers in iterating code as well as developing instant rollbacks for code failure. In addition to all of this, it has amazing collaboration features. These include task management, constant integration, requests for unique features, bug tracking, and many more like these.

JIRA: As a web development company in San Antonio, we can tell you that this software is truly one of the most used software development tools. This is because it helps the web development team to efficiently plan, track as well as launch the software. The reporting feature of this software helps the developers in creating stories, issues as well as tasks. The DevOps development team can plan their sprints as well as prioritize issues using the kanban and scrum boards feature in order to go for agile development.

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Ansible: This is an open-source platform that developers can use for deployment automation as well as configuration management. It provides the basic service of CI/CD pipeline configuration and automation. Not only this, but it also provides infrastructure as a code that can minimize the configuration time. Developers can easily simplify things using yet another markup language (YAML) syntax. This has been proved to be more accurate than Puppet and Chef. Ansible is a tool that provides enough support to the developers so that they can speed up the deployment process and end up building more resilient and stronger applications.

Nagios XI: This is a DevOps monitoring tool. It helps in locating as well as addressing infrastructure and network problems across applications, services, and network protocols, along with all the required infrastructure elements on any desktop as well as server OS. Not only this, but it also aids with the monitoring of server performance by providing birdseye visibility to the users. Apart from all of this, Nagios also provides you with log management facilities as well as search log data. You can even integrate any  ITSM and monitoring tools like VMware vRealize Operations, Micro Focus OpsBridge, Jira Service Management, and ServiceNow, with Nagios XI.

Slack: if you are looking for a DevOps tool that facilitates your remote working then Slack is the way to go. There are many companies as well as teams that are globally using Slack for an efficient way of communication. This helps the development team to work seamlessly and achieve common goals very quickly. The functionalities of Slack like private as well as public channels, voice and video chats, as well as personal messages are some things that can improve the remote working environment of a company.

Moreover, one can integrate many tools used in the DevOps framework like  Jenkins, GitHub, Runscope, and so on in order to achieve a seamless workflow. This also allows the users to connect to third-party tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk and Trello, etc. 

When you decide to hire web development services, make sure that the developers you have decided to go with or integrate such DevOps tools for your web development.

As a highly successful website design company in San Antonio, we can tell you with full assurance that these will help and bring big changes to your business.

DevOps Tools You Should Know

Apart from the six listed above, there are many more DevOps tools that are available to you and your business in order to develop exceptional software solutions. When you take the help of such DevOps tools you can be sure that they will speed up the new deployments as well as provide exceptional services when it comes to issue detection, version control, project management, and much more. In addition to all of these benefits, with the DevOps’ integrated platforms, custom code, plugins, and APIs your web developer’s team can easily communicate with each other and manage the workflow seamlessly.

Top DevOps Tools For Web Development In 2022 
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Top DevOps Tools For Web Development In 2022 
When you integrate the right DevOps tools they can help you to get all the listed benefits. Let's have a look at those DevOps tools that can actually make this happen.
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