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When we talk about web design in San Antonio, we all know that there are many upcoming trends in this area. To be the best at anything, you need to be updated about it! Therefore, knowing about all such trends is imperative for any designer or anyone who is getting web design for themselves. Usually, when you go for web development services, you also get web design services. However, you need to make sure that the provider is good at both ! And, for you to make sure of that, you yourself will have to be aware of such trends and informed about what you are looking for!

web designing company San Antonio

In this article, we’ll look at the web design trends which will help in increasing the conversion rates for you in 2020.

Let’s have a look at the following list:

1. Card-based layout – A card-based design is predicted to become the future of the web. The reason behind this is that it gives one the opportunity of showcasing large amounts of images or copy in a much more organized manner. It also tells your story quicker.
When we talk about a card-based page layout, it ensures that there are visual breakpoints existing between the page elements. Moreover, the approach removes all clutter. This is regardless of the number of images and that you are placing on the page. Another great thing about the card-based design is that it is an excellent replacement for the traditional page slider.

2. The <Video> Element – We are more than aware of the fact that the internet is becoming, or has probably already become a medium that is video graphics. In fact, many surveys indicate that videos would make up for around 82% of all internet traffic in the year 2021. This is one of the trends that should not be taken lightly.

Let’s see what’s the downside here-
The bad news is that video production needs more of your time, money as well as resources.
Don’t pack your bags and leave just yet! The good news is that videos do a tremendous job of capturing your business values. It is done in a way that neither static nor copy images have the power to do alone.

For example, if you’re selling a product or service that is conceptual, videos are really important. Look at how some great company’s feature page has successfully and seamlessly incorporated videos into its design. It helps in portraying a complicated concept, in an easy, digestible as well as engaging manner.
If you are one of the many SEO buffs, then there is more good news coming up. According to some sources, when you add videos to a website, it has the capability to increase the chances of a front-page Google result by about 53 times. Of course, it needs to be good enough.

3. Immersive “Multimedia” Long Form – The immersive, long-form multimedia becomes another means of bringing your services as well as products to life. When we talk about a multimedia format, it is richer than any blog post or infographic. It allows the customers to visualize the experience of doing business with you.

One must absolutely create an experience in order to compel their audience, by bringing the products as well as services to life. The best idea is to start with a custom layout. Further, one should go ahead and enrich it with video, charts, sound, maps, graphs, and much more. This will help in telling a riveting story.

4. 3D elements that are Immersive – It is known to everyone that 3D visuals have always had a very good impression on people. The only reason why this trend wasn’t being picked up on a higher level was because of technology as well as the expensive price tag that it previously came along with. For now,
hyper-realistic 3D which often takes up the whole screen becomes the best way for creating an immersive experience for a website. With interactive 3D designs, users are encouraged to stay for longer. 2020 is expected to see more immersive 3D web designs. These will definitely draw users in as well as visually break down the boundaries between digital reality and space.

5. Graphics mixed with photographs – When you overlap original graphics on top of real captured photographs, it seems to create a memorable visual. In this way, your pool of creativity really invites the users to splash in!

The collage-like trend that you can see at so many places now, is a versatile one. This means that you can use it for adding a special appeal as well as charm to a bland photo of a product. One can even use the more serious attributes of it, for better communications of abstract or complicated concepts like finance or even tech. In this way, one can very creatively customize their imagery. Further, they can add more personality with these, to web design.
The best way to make use of this trend’s flexibility is to make sure to match the style of the graphics as well as illustrations with the brand’s personality. The very style of these elements can easily sway how people are interpreting the photograph.

website designing company San Antonio

The nagging 2010s are coming to a close, and web design trends in 2020 are embracing the future like no trends have ever before. It is full of attention-grabbing colors and visuals. All the 3D effects, as well as old trends that have been reinvented, are all clearly indicating us towards this new 2020 style. This is a movement that is extending beyond the screen too. The modern web design is giving more importance to more user-friendly site experiences. It is also emphasizing on minimalist navigation as well as dark designs that are less eye-straining.

With the brink of this new decade coming closer, all the web designers out there are simultaneously looking to the future as well as to the past. They are looking for inspiration from these sources. If you’re looking for web design developers that are inspired and would do your business website justice, then you can contact Quacito LLC at +1-210-695-0795.

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