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Angular vs react framework (1)

Are you stuck? 

Confused about choosing Angular or React? Do you want to dive deep into web development but are confused as to which way to go out of these two? As a web development company we can help you!

This blog is the right place for your queries. In this blog, we will be giving you an in-depth comparison as well as an analysis of the various React and Angular components in reference to real-world applications. 

Let’s start off by providing you with some statistics to look at. Did you know, that surveys have shown that around 40% of respondents use React? On the other hand, the same survey shows that only about 22% of respondents were using Angular.

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However, it is not as simple as going with the majority to make the decision for your web development requirements. Therefore it is important to know what each of these provides you with and what they lack. Only after being properly informed of their characteristics will you be able to make an informed decision and enjoy the best outcome out of your web development process. 

When you dig deep into the debate of Angular versus React, you will notice that many people say that this is not a fair comparison. The popular opinion is that one of the libraries deals with views and the other is a full-fledged framework. 

So let’s look at both of these individually to provide you with a comparison you can draw for your own decision.

Following is a list of elements that come along with Angular but I am missing from React by default.

  • Routing- when it comes to component-based routing, it allows the components to manage their own sub-routes. This is instead of having one huge global router configuration. Although, you will notice that this kind of approach has now been included in React-router version 4 as well. 
  • Scoped CSS- when it comes to CSS classes the thing that you need to understand is that they act as global variables. There are a huge number of approaches as to how the organizing of CSS can prevent conflicts. However, you will be able to notice that there is a clear trend where people are using libraries that can help process CSS resulting in the prevention of the same conflicts, but without the need of a front-end developer who has to devise elaborate CSS naming systems.
  • Form validation- Angular provides you with form validation that is widely used as a feature. This helps you in the prevention of code bugs as well as code repetition.  

Apart from these, you will find more elements in Angular that are missing in React including material design, data binding, dependency injection, computed properties, project generator and etc. 

Now, the best way to go about making a decision between these two is to list down the benefits of both and choose the ones that you truly require out of your web development process. 

Firstly, let’s start by listing the benefits of Angular:

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  • High-quality of the app: we all know that Angular is a difficult program to learn. This naturally means that it needs the proper qualifications of a developer so that they can genuinely understand Angular. For developers who are beginning their journey of learning many structural elements like injectors, components, pipes, services et cetera might be really challenging. However, there are numerous benefits to the product’s success as you can genuinely create anything that you can think of provided that you have a comprehensive set of built-in features in Angular. 
  • Significantly improved speed and performance: an amazing thing about Angular capabilities is its diversity. This makes a programmer’s work really easy and enables the developer to quickly load the application. The Angular framework is highly compatible with many types of backend programming languages that can display gathered data in the UI effectively. 
  • Superb cross-platform development: it’s a fact that Angular provides cost-friendly progressive web app application solutions which are able to run across mobile platforms. Additionally, the framework of Angular is also widely used in native-like mobile apps. These days more and more companies are looking forward to building cross-platform solutions with Angular. The reason behind this is that Angular is good at imitating real native applications. With the help of Angular, a developer can create a native-like UI using dependency injection, routing, etc. 

The Stack Overflow comprehensive survey shows us that Angular is the 2nd most used web framework when it comes to using by professional developers.

And now let’s look at the flip side of this coin. Following are the benefits of React:

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  • Ease of usability: the process of deploying React is very easy to execute with some basic understanding of JavaScript. If you are an expert JavaScript developer then you can effortlessly learn all the ins and outs of React in just a couple of days. 
  • Building rich user interfaces: we all know that user interface plays a highly significant role in an application. If the UI is fully designed then it will impact the experience of the user. React helps out the developers by allowing them to build high-quality, rich user interfaces with the help of its declarative components. 
  • Faster rendering: imagine that you are building a highly complex, high load application and that it has become mandatory for you to define the structure of the application in the very beginning as it can impact the performance of your app. This means that even a tiny modification at a very high-level layer will awfully impact the interface of your application. Introduced by Facebook, virtual DOM allows the developers to test all the changes to the virtual DOM first and calculate all the given risks with each modification. As a result, developers can effortlessly maintain high app performance and deliver a very good user experience. 

There are about 220,000 live websites that are using React today. 

In conclusion, depending on your requirements and the advantages that you are seeking this information is great to start you off in the process of making a decision of choosing Angular or React for your web development.

You can always reach out to a professional web development company for a great consultation before you make this decision.

Which Framework Is Better For Your Web App Development Requirements?
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Which Framework Is Better For Your Web App Development Requirements?
There are so many JavaScript frameworks available for everyone today. This means that it has become more difficult than ever to choose the right framework for your new project. This is exactly why we have created a block for you that compares Angular versus React.
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