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Whenever you start your own business you will see that you are provided with an array of software that you could use to keep your business running. There will be some software that will be off-the-shelf and will turn out to work perfectly for you. 

However, you will soon start to notice that there will be times when the software that you just bought off the shelf will fail to meet your needs. Not only this but it might just hamper your progress instead of helping your business grow. The general conclusion that is almost always seen is that many companies that have common business practices are quite satisfied with an off-the-shelf product. However, when you start to see yourself performing processes like interventions and workarounds yourself, you will know that it is not a perfect fit. 

So the question is, how will you know whether you should go for custom software development or an off-the-shelf product for your small business. In this blog, we will be discussing some warning signs that one should look out for when making the decision between the two. 

Here is a list of things to observe while making the decision to switch from an off-the-shelf product to custom software:

  • What is your employees’ reaction to it?

When you provide your employees with training to use the software, whether it be custom software or an off-the-shelf product, you will be able to notice their reaction and attitude towards adopting the same. If you observe that the employees are taking more time to be trained using the off-the-shelf product and that eventually repelling it, you will know that it is not working out. However, the best part about getting custom software developed for your small business is that the very development of the software is based on the feedback that you have always received from your employees and anybody else who will be using the software. Therefore, when you will provide your employees with custom software for their use, then based on how successfully it has been developed, it is bound to guarantee comfort to the users. 

  1. Are your business decisions based on live data?

You think your business is great when you have an amazing amount of data. But what if this data is not easily accessible. What if access to this data is not beneficial for your business? When you extract data from a system so that it can be exported and configured you will notice a lot of manual mistakes that have dived deep into multiple systems of your business. What will end up happening is that you will be finding and correcting the old mistakes using the old data rather than checking a live dashboard especially made for you, thanks to your decision of getting custom software developed for your small business. 

  1. Are you using your employees to do tasks that a machine can do?

Imagine your valuable employees spending their valuable time each day doing so many tasks that can clearly be done without human help, thought, or creativity. This is a clear waste of your money and their time. All in all, this can just be the biggest disadvantage that off-the-shelf software can give to your small business. When you get custom software developed for your small business in San Antonio, you will see that all those tasks that could be automated are now fully done with the help of the software. The best part of custom software development is that you get to choose which tasks should be automated in order to maximize the productivity of your business while you retain the control as much as you want. 

  1. Are you spending too much on software for your business?

Whenever you find yourself struggling to choose a well-designed as well as ready-made software which is compatible with your business, you will often end up buying multiple products and paying all their licensing fees. The worst part is that you may end up only using a bit of the available features, but you will still be paying the full price for it. What’s more, is that even when you have multiple different solutions to help your business, it might just be missing the exact functionality that your team has been requiring from the very first minute. And don’t forget, as your small business grows and grows over the years your users will also increase, and with that will increase the user costs. The best way to do this is to take a step back, define the exact features that your small business runs on, find a great software development company in San Antonio, and get custom software developed for your small business. 

  1. Is your software helping disrupt the industry?

Even if you are not the leader in your industry yet, and are just a small company that is seeking some traction right now, your sole focus should be to consider how the technology that you are using can potentially disrupt your business. When Uber came to the market, it completely disrupted the taxi industry. There are many examples of multiple companies doing the same. All of such examples show us that technology has the potential to change a completely established industry and make it leave the current market leaders who have been struggling to survive. Adapting custom software for your small business gives you a great chance at making such kind of disruption happen in your industry through your business. 

The final thought on this topic is that in today’s market every business requires a technology that propels its business forward. Therefore, your small business needs great custom software developed by a well-equipped custom software development company in San Antonio. If you are ready to take that step forward, you can reach out to us. Give us a call at: +1-210-695-0795


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Why is Custom Software the Perfect Fit For Your Small Business?
Custom software will simplify the entire business process and will save time & effort. It will offer time management solutions since it is personalized based on your specific needs. Custom software can help to organize the data and prioritize and track your time.