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In this blog, we aim to break down the various stages that are involved in a typical process of software development. As a software development company in San Antonio, we completely understand that this process might be intimidating for some people. If you are someone who is interested in knowing about the process of software development that various development companies follow, then this blog will really help you.

Before you can understand the stages of a software development process you have to really understand what software development is all about. Simply put, it is a life cycle of a combination of processes that has a well-segregated structure that aims at the development of software. There are a number of processes that happened during the entire development process. If you are wondering what software development is in a deeper sense you will need to know everything about this process.

It doesn’t matter who is executing the process of custom software development. It will always go through multiple stages in a stepwise fashion. This is known as the software development life cycle. Typically it is segregated into six steps. The SDLC methods or systems development life-cycle method supports the designing of software that would meet the requirements of a business. If you ever see a very well-segregated methodology you will see how it helps the maintenance of the software in the long run. 

Each of these phases tends to provide deliverables that are required in the execution of an upcoming step in the life cycle of software development. These requirements are eventually translated into designs that are close to perfection. While all of this is going on codes are being delivered according to the plans that have been made which are then called the development phase. All of these stages are joined with the help of a team of software development technicians. Each member of this team is crucial for each of the steps. None of the stages would be conceivable without another.

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Therefore, let’s have a closer look at these six stages:

1. Collecting and analyzing the requirements: typically, if the team of software technicians needs a general idea for any software it is vital that their team gathers together and collects all the business requirements in the very first phase. The primary focus needs to be on noting down the exact things that will be required from the software that is to be developed. Questions like who will be the user of the software, how will it be used after completion, the type of data that should be added to the software as well as the data that the software would give as output, all need to be answered. 

Once the requirements are collected, the data is analyzed in order to ensure the validity of any possible incorporation. Not only this but a document of requirements and specifications is prepared that becomes the guideline for the next level of the custom software development process.

2. Designing: the next phase of the software development process requires the preparation of the draft design depending on the requirements that come from the first step. The system designs aim at specifying the hardware as well as the system requirements. They also give an overall definition, of the software architecture. They serve as input for the following phase of this process. In this phase, strategies are developed by the testers that mention all the things that need to be tested and all the ways that it needs to be tested.

3. Coding: once the team has received the design documents for the software that is to be created, the work that follows gets divided equally into various modules as well as units. This is the stage where the actual coding starts. The main focus of this particular phase is the development of perfect code by the developers. This phase is considered to be the longest in the entire chain of stages.

4. Testing: in this phase, any and every error is noted in the codes. If there are errors then the coding process needs to be corrected and the cycle would go on till the completion of the same. All kinds of functional testing like integration testing, system testing, unit testing, non-functional testing as well as acceptance testing are carried out in this phase.

5. Deployment: After the testing stage is complete and all the errors are removed from the coding process, the deployment stage begins. The final code gets implemented into the software and deployed to the customers so that it can be used. As the product starts being delivered to the potential customers, the first thing is to ensure that it is working fine on a large scale and so beta testing is executed. If there occurs any possibility for changes or any possible bugs that have been caught during implementation then it gets immediately reported to the team which will handle the engineering of the errors. They will then make sure that it works fine in real-time. Once all the changes are implemented and all the bugs are fixed, the final disposal or deployment gets started.

6. Maintenance: when the customers start using the well-developed software, often the actual issues will start surfacing. This does not mean that the software is corrupted. It may just require some occasional maintenance. This particular process is called maintenance so that it can eventually lead to the finalized product or software.

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There are many benefits to following the SDLC process properly. All custom software development companies in San Antonio can agree that if the execution of this process is smooth then it takes a lot of burden off of the software developers.

If you want to know more about how software development companies in San Antonio or executing the six stages then you should get in touch with one. 

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Stages of a Software Development Process
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