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php frameworks for 2018

PHP is considered the best scripting language for developing any website. Following updated back-end trends and some frameworks, leading business owners can trust PHP to develop a professional website for representing their business online.

Here describe the top 6 PHP based frameworks that have potent to rule the web development San Antonio industry by end of the year 2020 –

1. CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter is one of the powerful and best PHP frameworks. It has easy installation and more flexible options for development. Due to minimal to zero lags, it is ideal for developing a dynamic business website. Some Features include-

  • Good Web Performance
  • Best MVC Support
  • High-Security Options

2. Laravel – The highly expressive framework based on PHP is Laravel. Highly robust apps can easily be built in this type of PHP framework. It helps in building complex and custom web applications as per the prerequisites that are given by any user. Some features include-

  • Reliable Authentication
  • Support HTTP Middleware
  • Best Query Builder

3. Symphony – With flexibility 3 in 1 framework, Symphony is adaptable to complete the demands of website development. Symphony is an open-source PHP framework to develop web applications. It is in compliance with many web practices and design patterns. Some features include-

  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Reusable PHP Components
  • Database Engine Independent

4. CakePHP – There are different factors such as compatibility, simple extension and different versions, which makes CakePHP under top PHP based frameworks. It can help a skilled developer to create impressive websites due to largely available libraries and full database integration. Some features include-

  • Extensive ORM Features
  • Proper Class Inheritance
  • Support MVC Support

5. Yii – The search for a modern framework that can help to build website and application programming interface ends on Yii. It allows collecting of the input data in a highly safe and secure manner. In addition, this framework is fast, secure and proven for developing a professional website. Some features include-

  • Zero Configuration is Essential
  • Proven MVC Architecture Support
  • Availability of Objects to Model Database Data

6. Zend – Zend is the most valuable PHP framework to complete big and enterprise level development projects. It is the trusted object-oriented PHP based frameworks to develop a website and also, add specific functionality to any web page or site. Some features include-

  • Strong Data Encryption
  • Web and CLI Programming
  • Flexible URI Routing

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6 PHP Based Frameworks for Effective Website Development
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6 PHP Based Frameworks for Effective Website Development
These are the best PHP frameworks that ease the task of PHP website development. Hire Quacito LLC for top-notch PHP web development services within budget constraints.
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