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Future of Software Development

As a successful software development company in San Antonio, we always keep up with the trends of this industry. Especially after the year 2020, there are going to be many changes when it comes to any industry. It is a fact that many of the industries use some kind of software to run their day-to-day business. Therefore, it will not be surprising to see that so many industries are going to be affected by the changes in the software industry. In this blog, we are going to shed some light on the future of software development.

When you go back into years and think about software development, you’d realize that it has changed a hell lot in the past 10 years or so. You will spot that practically all companies have become a software company today. As experts, we predict that in the next 10 years, the change will be 10 times what it has been till now.

So, the big question is; what exactly is going to happen to the future of software development?

Firstly, you should know that the future of software development is not something that is waiting to happen. It’s actually already here. It’s happening in research labs as you read this blog. In no time, it’s going to be everywhere. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that the future is present in the current trends, that are being adopted by the software development teams all over.

Here’s our prediction for the future of software development:

1. Innovations will take a huge hike- Did you know that it took about 40 years for us to develop the first five hundred million applications or so. Now, if you see today’s condition, it is predicted that it would hardly take approximately 4 years in order for us to create the next 500 million applications.

How so?

Several studies from all over the world have shown that the number of internet users will be more than doubled up, by the time we reach the year 2025. It will also stand true that they would be able to invent new things with much more ease as compared to us in the past. Not only this, but the inventions would also take place at much lower costs, as compared. This has never been possible before.

When you look at it, you’ll see that the cost to create a start-up is about 1,000 times less now than as compared to the cost 20 years ago. 

You’ll observe that instead of buying computers, people are using the cloud. On top of this, crowdfunding will also be something that would be leveraged. All this clearly indicates the multiplication of innovation when it comes to the future of software development.

2. The size of the apps will become considerably smaller- All of us can already look around ourselves and say that applications are getting smaller by the minute. Rather than developing traditional applications that have big as well as heavyweight packages, there is more development seen of applications that are more bite-sized. Such kinds of applications are using elements called microservices, that help them in communicating all over APIs.

What this means is that the teams out there will require to be up to the challenges of switching to microservice. You should also note that there will be around thousands of APIs used in apps, rather than the one or two that are being used in traditional apps as of today. Hence, it will be even more crucial for developers to have great API management.

3. The disappearance of hardware- We will not be able to see much of hardware in the coming future. We will witness a change where all of us will be able to see how the hardware will disappear into the background. So you can say that you will be able to see hardware used in things like self-driving cars, and even in self-flying taxis, however, it will merely be the layer around the software.

4. Quantum Computing will change the game- All of us are aware of the fact that Quantum computers are already something that is emerging. However, what you do not know right now is that they will change our lives as we know them, in the coming 10 years or so. You will see that you are able to do much more with a quantum computer in some particular apps than you will be able to do with the use of typical computing. Moreover, there are even new programming languages that are being invented in order to help us program the quantum computer. One exciting fact is that quantum computing is already something that is being used. 

5. Software will be Proactive- When you think about software today, multiply its speed by 10, and you may be close to the software coming up in the future. It will be super proactive. Artificial intelligence is going to drive software, in order to anticipate what exactly does a user want. It will all be based on what all the software knows about them as well as their preferences.

All over the world, AI is getting smarter by the minute. However, we are already seeing AI do a whole lot of things. For example, Artificial Intelligence is absolutely powering test automation

6. UX will still be on top- If you need to be ready for something, be ready for software development to change a hell lot in the future. Therefore, you will have to specialize in standing out. This is where AI becomes important. However, the user experience will remain on the top. That’s the way to compete in the coming future.

Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that the future of software development is yet to come. The future of software development is here already. If you want to get ahead of this game, you need a future-oriented software development company in San Antonio, like Quacito LLC. 

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What does the Future of Software Development Look Like?  
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What does the Future of Software Development Look Like?  
Read this blog post to know what exactly is going to happen to the future of software development.
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