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The pandemic has altered the shape of our society. At the midpoint of 2022, we can all see that one of the most notable shifts has been our reliance on digital infrastructure which has been majorly driven by necessity. 

We have seen so many amazing things happen due to the web. It provided everything from PPE to weddings being held virtually. The use of the web skyrocketed, and we found new fault lines as well as areas for improvement within it. Now, we can witness a new wave of technologies emerging. They are here to upgrade as well as build on the online experience. It is time for us to take a look at the trends that are at play in current efforts of rebuilding the internet. In this blog, we will talk about how things like software development in San Antonio as well as custom software development is changing in the year 2022!

We can all agree that one of the most observable changes over the past two years has been in the custom software development space.

When nothing else felt certain many of the organizations reassured their faith deeper into custom software development.

Let’s see what changes did software development bring into the year 2022. Following is a brief list:

1. Remote work

In the year 2022, we can all witness new ways for colleagues to work together online as well as hold all communications online. There are a number of face-to-face developer conferences that have been re-launched in the year 2022. Some of these have even adopted a hybrid approach. Similar to this, we are seeing custom software development companies adopting their workspaces. They are doing so by making their workplaces used as places of casual collaboration, rather than a rigorous and continuous workplaces.

remote work

We can even see that remote work is becoming permanent. This leads us to expect software developers to find other ways for accomplishing what they are missing from face-to-face contact. This is how they attempt to maintain the best of both worlds. We will be seeing that conferences, as well as new offices, will be playing a crucial role in this transformation.

2. Platform Development

We have observed an increase in cross-platform development in the year 2022. This will be the case even as the future comes. Because of various challenges being faced in developing “only for iOS” “only for Android” or “only for Windows”, custom software development companies in USA are increasingly exploring cross-platform development.

When it comes to innovative technologies, we owe big thanks. These include Blockchain Development. Due to this technology, the development of multiple platforms has the capability to support different platforms using a single code base. This leads to a reduction in the requirement for additional engineering resources. This is how cross-development capabilities have become enormously important for the economy. This is how developers are able to save a substantial amount of time as well as resources.

3. Big Data

If you don’t already know this, big data refers to a domain that works with large complex datasets of structured as well as unstructured data. This uses advanced techniques for the same. Big data is something that is influenced by the requirement of using unstructured data much more effectively than before. It is used to find a way into taming big data. This includes executing a process of ignoring everything that is unnecessary, in order to find the “right” data in-house.

Big Data in 2022

The year 2022 has been seeing more of the exploring of concepts like data fabric; referring to flexible integration of data sources, as well as understanding data market options. It has also seen a boom in data analysis, Artificial Intelligence as well as edge infrastructure. 

4. Computing that is Serverless

The great thing about serverless computing is that it has the capability of leveraging managed cloud infrastructure including AWS, Google App Engine as well as Azure, for creating Custom Web Applications, and that too without needing to have to host or service the servers.

In the year 2022, serverless computing has a lot of appeals. This is because the organizations are now looking to focus on value-added activities, in order to offload all the lower-level tasks that surround the process of patching, load balancing, or scaling.

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5. The Development of Cloud Native Applications 

Cloud Native Application development platforms have become critical in the year 2022. They are crucial in order to keep the development teams focused on activities like the management of the value chain when it comes to digital products. 

Where the tech giants are winning all the races to the few specialized engineers, the organizations outside of this tech world must adopt new and innovative ways for remaining innovative as well as competitive with their respective teams. This just means that they need to find the technology which enables them to extract/suppress technical complexity while enabling their software development teams to focus on operational results as well as innovation. This may include things like a new generation of Cloud Native Application Development.

In conclusion, as an organization involved in software development in San Antonio, we can say with utmost guarantee that our tech world has majorly changed in the year 2022. It has expanded beyond our imaginations, especially due to the pandemic hitting us all. 

These emerging changes are constantly suggesting that there will be major changes in the future when it comes to custom software development as well. We can all see that the wide range of new technologies as well as innovations have a tremendous impact on the software development space and will continue to bring such impacts in the future.