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It may seem like websites are big business and on that note, when you think of designing one, it can truly seem like a heavily daunting task. However, this doesn’t have to be true. Regardless of you being a developer or a designer, or someone just wanting to get an online presence with a little experience, the process of web designing can be made much easier, with the help of a little future planning.   

Simply put, there are some questions that you should be asking yourself or some factors that you should be considering while the process of your web designing goes on. 

In this blog, we have listed some of the key questions that one should ask themselves while they design or revamp your website, in order to make the process easier.

Have a look below:

1. Whom your website caters to?

It is absolutely crucial for you to start this journey by understanding who you are designing your website for. For this, the best question to ask yourself is ‘who is my target audience?’. Take a good amount of time to understand the entire demographic that you have in your mind. Let’s take an example. Just imagine that with the help of your website you want to create a clothing brand that is targeted to sell to young people. In this scenario, you should be favorably looking at pop culture to get some inspiration for the look and feel of your website.

2. How big should your website be?

Once you have concluded who your website is going to cater to, the next step would be to plan the structure of this website. You may think of it as the blueprint of your site if that helps you understand better. Now, at this point, you would be creating the website map. Therefore, you’ll need to start at the top, by thinking about the homepage. After this, you’ll continue to create a map that is for all the other pages on the website. Of course, it is important to remember that each page of your website should navigate back to the homepage. However, you should be asking yourself, where else would the visitor need to go. Think of the contact pages, further content, even about us pages, and blogs. All in all, carefully ponder over the scale of your wThis leads us nicely onto the content of your website.

3. How would the content appeal be? 

When you think of designing your website or getting web design and development services, you may very easily forget that content is a big part of it all. Therefore, this may not be top of your list, but neither should you be underestimating it. In the year 2016, an experiment gave the users around 15 minutes to consume content. Out of these 59% of them said they would have enjoyed it more, or paid more attention to it if it were more beautifully designed. Therefore, it was concluded that the combination of content and design is important. 

Imagine that your website is a blank sheet of paper. Now, imagine that it has only a few words written on it, in a non-appealing font. That would undoubtedly be super boring. Therefore, one needs their content to help people be on your site for longer and explore it without getting unappealed by it. If you lack delivering a clear message through your website, it would be the biggest turn-off for your consumers. When it comes to great content, it has the power to engage your audience as well as help you out from an SEO perspective. Not only this, but it would also convey your key messages to your customers all around. Hence, it is crucial to make sure to use your content in a ‘beautifully designed’ way so that it becomes pretty effective in delivering all of the above.

4. What would the images be like?

Okay, you’ve got your content sorted. Now what? Next, you are required to think about the images on your website. To be specific, you should be considering where the images are going to come from. The fact is that one has many different options to choose from. People can take the images themselves, which actually becomes the quickest as well as the cheapest way of getting imagery for your website. You must be wondering if you’re the only one who isn’t a great photographer and has their own website. Well, luckily, you aren’t.

Hence, in order to not make your site suffer, you could go for hiring a photographer and get all the images that you want. Please note, this may turn out to be an expensive solution. However,  if you have a brand that is high quality and needs to be maintained the same way, then this would probably be the only way of getting the right quality image for all your needs. Ultimately, the final option left would be to use stock images. One can get their hands on some images for fleshing out their website for a fairly reasonable price. Plus, there is a pretty wide library of images online that are available for this. Although you should know that these images can be generic, and might fail at representing your high-quality brand powerfully enough.

5. Where would you get the inspiration from?

Fortunately, there are many places online that you could easily turn to when looking for inspiration. Websites like  Behance, Dribbble, as well as Awwwards are some of the terrific resources that showcase genuinely amazing web designs. They are always there to turn to if you are ever stuck, looking for ideas for your own web design. When you expose yourself to different design elements that you probably never saw or considered before, you can be truly inspired to try something new.

However, you can always take care of these factors on your own, there are many more to consider when designing your own website. Seeking professional web designing services may also prove to be a good idea, if you want to pay more attention to your business at the time, and don’t have space in your schedule, to do it yourself. 

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Things to Consider When You’re Getting a Website Design
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Things to Consider When You’re Getting a Website Design
Getting professional web designing services is a good idea if you want a professional-looking and responsive website.
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