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Is your website more than 5 years old? According to a survey conducted by Blue Fountain Media, 81% of online users think twice to buy any product or service if they found a website old, and 39% among them think less of a business if the website design is not fresh, attractive, user-friendly, and built on latest technologies. Websites have become an important source of business sales, this is why it is important to look for functionality and a design that contributes to business growth.

In today’s market, professionals recommend that whether you are just planning to start an online business or already have a good presence, you must invest in your company’s official website. If you already launched a website a few years back, then maybe 2021 is the right year to revamp it.

If you want to learn how to redesign your website, keep reading our blog! Make sure you understand below written reasons below to know whether a website redesign is in order or not.

Your Website Looks Outdated

Sometimes looks do matter in user experience as the digital world is rapidly changing and evolving over the years. While it’s important that your website functions greatly, it also needs to look beautiful, fresh, and of course modern, and not like it’s stuck in a bygone digital era. Outdated themes and technologies in the website affect your visitor’s experience because ‘’old school is cool’’ does not apply here when it comes to good functionality. If you have launched your online business website a long time ago it probably has outdated code that can lower your loading speed or the way it responds on different devices. You may find it is not compatible with some of the latest browsers like Chrome.

Moreover, an outdated website template doesn’t have new apps, plugins, and integrations. So, if you want to integrate helpful apps or plugins use modern, up-to-date templates for that.

Google has started considering website designing as a ranking factor in search engines. It might hurt a website’s search rankings as well.

It’s not Attracting the Right Customers

If you are not getting inquiries or sales on products from the targeted customers, you are not positioning yourself well in the market. One rule of thumb here is to carefully curate your work, check the website content and images on your website. Carefully add the fresh HD images on your homepage through the help of a website design company in San Antonio, Texas, and make sure the content is valuable and consistent including font styles, icons, colors, etc. 

Having a Higher Bounce Rate

Does your website feel modern and credible for internet users? Well, if not it could hurt your site’s performance. This means you may notice a higher bounce rate. You can analyze the bounce rate and average session duration of your users through integrating Google analytics on your website. If you have an outdated website design, this will be the first reason for a higher bounce rate, and you will have to start thinking about website redesigning for overall branding. 

According to Adobe and eConsultancy, 73% of small and large companies have started using a  design- both digital and physical to stand out from competitors. So, make sure you are also planning to revamp your old website as per the current trends.

Website is Not SEO-Friendly

Having a blog page with updated posts on the website is a powerful way to drive more traffic and users to any website, through the right set of keywords, internal links, and backlinks from high domain authority sites.

You’re a business owner, so you know that SEO has gained a lot of popularity in digital marketing. Moreover,  search engines love unique and updated content. Every time you make an update to your platform, Google crawls and indexes your pages making you see an up or down in your rankings. Websites that were built 3-5 years back are not SEO-friendly. If you go for the redesign of the website this year, the content and user experience will increase your chances of getting on search result pages. Read our secret hacks for efficient web designing here!

Isn’t Fit for your Brand

A website must show your brand image at this level of competition. If your website is old and doesn’t fit your brand, hire a website development company in San Antonio for redesign services. Communicate with developers and designers to choose the right color, theme, and various other design aspects that reflect your brand image!

Never take a long time to think about making changes to your website even if the investment is more, the result you’re going to get is going to be worth it. Once you revamp your website for the brand you own it increases the functionality and you get a new design from scratch. Top website development companies check the performance of their client’s projects to make sure they have a good online presence.

Now, you have understood the reasons why you should opt for website redesign this year. Have you wondered what the deliverables are? Let’s find out below.

If your website is detracting your regular visitors, you probably have to build your site according to the latest design standards. 

  • Wonderful User Experience
  • Get Strong Attention
  • User-Centric Mobile-Optimization
  • Smooth Website Performance
  • Higher Conversions
  • Credible Website Design

How Can We Help

Here at Quacito, we have proven experience in website redesign services for several clients who vary from different verticals. With a decade long in the industry, our website developers and designers understand your needs, create intuitive designs and deliver a fantastic website. Our professional redesign services have helped 100+ clients boost their online presence and business prospects. We use powerful tools and good-looking elements to make website building simpler, more exciting, and empowering. If you’re wondering whether the Quacito team is a good fit for your business, or whether it would be easier for you to build a website on your own, get in touch with us to receive a free consultation.

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Why 2021 Is The Time To Revamp Your Website
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Why 2021 Is The Time To Revamp Your Website
Quality team have proven experience in website redesign services for several clients who vary from different verticals. Readout this post to know why 2021 is the time to revamp your website.
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